I picked up the new 11″ macbook air and have been using it for the last couple of weeks as my primary dev machine. It’s been great. This was after spending over a year on Linux. Getting SDL with lispbuilder setup and running on OS X these days is quite a feat compared with the same on Linux. It seems that there are no offical SDL binaries for OS X that actually work. Macports is great but the SDL ports only work if whoever you are distributing your application to has the macports SDL ports installed. Even then I could barely get SDL(and the extensions such as SDL_gfx, SDL_mixer, SDL_ttf) all set up and working with lispbuilder-sdl. SBCL would always spew something about not being able to find native libs. It seems that when it comes to the macports SDL port versions, well it’s a mix of i386/x86_64 between the SDL ports. A recipe for a head-ache to say the least. Yes I tried building everything using the universal variant. It just doesn’t work.

So I had to get the source for everything and build all the binaries as x86_64 by hand so that the frameworks were actually distributable. I now know way more than I wanted to about dylibs and framework magic incantations. These frameworks are distributable but there’s one catch, they have to be placed in /Library/Frameworks. Not exactly perfect but much better than what’s out there on the web. If anyone has been able to get lispbuilder-sdl working with these SDL frameworks in a custom directory, then please drop me a line. Otherwise, a disk image containing the binaries can be downloaded here.

SDL Frameworks x86_64 (10.6.x).dmg (md5 70a68450c648de742affcb13923a61f4)

If you are going to use lispbuilder, save yourself lots of time and use Xach’s quicklisp to install it.

Happy holiday hacking !!!