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As I’ve been spending a lot of time with Arm hardware lately as my primary desktop and server platform I missed using my secure messenger app of choice. I was able to cook up builds for both armv7l/armhf/GNU Linux (32-bit) and arm64/aarch64/GNU Linux (64-bit).

These are unofficial but fully working builds of Signal Desktop for Linux on Arm processors. Enjoy !

Signal Desktop armv7l/armhf/GNU Linux

Signal Desktop arm64/aarch64/GNU Linux


7 thoughts on “Signal Desktop for Arm/Linux

  1. Signal on a Pi would rock. I have Hassbian Home Assistant running on a pi. I would love to have end to end Signal encrypted messages from my MQTT and 433MHz sensors on Hassbian. Signal notifications from my: mailbox, front door, water leak, Alarm Panel, Smoke detectors, parameter sensors… Thanks for your builds.

  2. Thanks for making this. I was wondering if you also maybe had a tutorial for installing it? I’ve attempted on my Acer R13, but I can’t seem to run make or make-install. I’m gonna keep tinkering on my own to see if I can figure it out, but any help would be greatly appreciated

  3. Care to share your scripts for doing this? Obviously we can’t trust a random person on the Internet to distribute hacked up binaries. Also, I’m curious in general how you did this–repackage the .asar with some Electron tools?

    • Links are fixed although these need rebuilding now because the version is no longer compatible with latest Signal specs.
      Will update this post with new builds soon.

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